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Podcast specific equipment solutions:

-Pro level gear without the learning curve
-Step by step instructions
-Free tech support
-Free podcast studio upgrade consulting

Podcast equipment kits for every podcast style:

-The Podcast Outfitters Content Creator Kit is curated for the podcaster, content creator, or vlogger who enjoys working on their phone and being free to create no matter the location. With only your phone and this kit, you'll be ready to record high quality podcasts and vlogs anywhere.

-The Podcast Outfitters Interview Kit is designed to deliver professional podcast quality in a minimal package that is both portable and easy to set-up. Perfect for podcasts or interviews with up to two people.

-The Podcast Outfitters Conference Kit is designed to maximize the number of podcasters and guests while maintaining a super portable package. You'll be able to record professional audio quality for up to four podcasters, all in a compact and mobile design.

-Podcast Outfitters Podcast Studio Equipment Kit is designed for the podcaster or professional podcast studio that needs a complete podcast production solution with easy-to-use functionality that includes two live call channels and commercial or sound bite recording.

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