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Podcast FAQ


What is a podcast?

Why should I podcast?


Can I do it myself?
Yes! There are hundreds of thousands of podcasts and a majority of them are produced by people just like you.


How do I start?
Successful podcasting relies heavily on audio so you can't afford to cut corners. You need the right equipment so the world can hear your message loud and clear. You could spend years learning about the latest audio technologies or you could simply buy one of our kits.

Our podcast experts have carefully curated four different kit options that cover all of your podcast audio needs. We are backed by Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center and we have decades of audio experience. Our kits come with simple step-by-step podcast setup manuals and we even provide technical support if you hit a snag. Our kits allow you to focus on your podcast content, not the technical details. Click here to shop our kits.


How do I pick a good podcast host?



How do I build a podcast website (podsite)?


What is an RSS feed?


Where can I get help with my podcast content?
We are partnered with Heartcast Media, a full-service podcast production firm that works with clients to create high quality content that inspires, educates, and connects you to your audience.


What is your return policy?
Click here to read our return policy.


I bought a kit and need help. How do I get technical support?
Click here to schedule a support session.


What is your contact information?