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Video-Ready iOS and Android Podcast Bundle

Video-Ready iOS and Android Podcast Bundle

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Give Yourself The Power To Record Podcasts Wherever You Go With The Video-Ready iOS and Android Podcast Bundle From Podcast Outfitters 

Key Podcast Features:

  • Studio-Quality microphone that is mobile phone ready
  • Shure MV88+ Microphone can be completely controlled via the free Shure MOTIV app
  • Record Audio and/or Video for your Podcast anywhere

The Podcast Outfitters Starter Podcast Bundle was selected for the podcaster, content creator and vlogger who enjoys working on their phone and being mobile. As long as you have your phone and this bundle - you'll be ready to record your next podcast (with or without video) anywhere you need to be.  

The Starter Podcast Bundle comes with the "Shure MV88+ Video Kit" which includes:

  • a portable and compact microphone (the MV88+),
  • a lightweight Manfrotto tripod stand that can hold the microphone and your phone at the same time,
  • a set of Shure SE215CL earbuds for monitoring audio quality while you record (a $99 value)
  • and a few other handy accessories, including our "How To" guide.

This bundle was designed to be super compact, super easy to transport, and super easy to set up so you can capture high quality audio for your podcast anywhere you might be.   

Smartphones (iOS and Android) have proven to be a totally viable recording device – especially for podcasters. The smallest memory available on a new Apple iPhone is 32GB. That's hours and hours of recording potential (depending on how many apps you have installed, etc.). 

The MV88+ is accompanied with the mobile Shure MOTIV App, which allows you to control a variety of features of the microphone - the most functional of which is to control the area that the microphone "hears" - also called the pickup pattern. You can open up the pattern and pick up a group of people, or tighten the pattern up to focus only one yourself or one person. Think of this like the sound equivalent of a camera lens' field-of-view. 

If you feel overwhelmed or never considered yourself a "tech person," don't worry. The Podcast Outfitters "How To" manual is included with this bundle – made specifically for this set-up to get you recording your podcast as soon as possible.