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Learn How To Podcast Kit (iPhone & Android)

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The Podcast Outfitters Beginner Content Creator Kit is curated for the podcaster, content creator, or vlogger who enjoys working on their phone and being free to create no matter the location. With only your phone and this kit, you'll be ready to record high quality podcasts and vlogs anywhere.


  • Podcast Recorder: iOS or Android smart phone (not included in kit)
  • Podcast Microphone: Shure MV88+ mobile phone-ready microphone capable of capturing a solo podcaster or a group of podcasters
  • What you can expect: Professional audio quality in a compact and portable package that allows for content creation on the go, with or without video
  • See if this kit works with your device: https://www.shure.com/en-US/products/microphones/mv88plus/compatibility-chart

The Podcast Outfitters Content Creator Kit Includes:
  • Shure MV88+ Stereo Microphone for Mobile Devices
  • Manfrotto PIXI Mini Table Top Stand
  • Phone Clamp
  • Shoemount Mic Clip
  • Lightning to USB Micro-B cable (Mic to iPhone)
  • USB-C to USB Micro-B cable (Mic to Android)
  • Foam Windscreen & Fuzzy Windscreen
  • Roll-Up Carry Bag
  • Shure SE-215-CL Earbuds
  • Custom Podcast Outfitters "How To" Manual